50/70 Series Rear Bumper Ends & Misc.

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50/70 Series Rear Bumper Ends & Misc.

Postby 58superman » Tue Mar 18, 2014 12:23 pm

Anyone out there got a pair of REAR BUMPER ENDS for Super/Rdmstr? Either good enough (#2) to put on a driver, or suitable to re-chrome. Just bought back my FIRST car, a 56R I bought in 1975 as a kid, and sold in 1978. Trying to get it back on the road after 35 years apart. Need these, as well as some SIDE TRIM STAINLESS (R Rear Qtr & over rear wheel well). Also looking for front TURN SIGNAL HOUSINGS, especially Right side. Need good HEATER CORE, too. Maybe other stuff. What's anyone got for a Super 2DR/HT?
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