Air Conditioner Clutch Bearing "Rebuilding"

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Air Conditioner Clutch Bearing "Rebuilding"

Postby 58limited » Thu Oct 04, 2007 5:46 pm

If anyone has a noisy A/C clutch bearing, you might want to try this:

I tried to find an A/C clutch bearing a couple of years ago. I pulled my bearing, got the bearing number and measurements and went to a bearing shop. I live in an industrial area and can usually find ANYTHING, but this bearing is not available anymore. It is a sealed bearing, but I was able to pop out the nylon seal on both sides and flush the old dry grease out with carburetor cleaner. I was able to determine that the bearing itself was OK and not worn. I repacked the bearing with new grease and popped the seals back in place. It has worked fine, and quietly, ever since.
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