Paint, sheet metal, hood ornaments, trim, emblems, seats, carpet, dashboards, etc.


Postby LGJS » Tue Jan 16, 2018 2:15 am

Hi, my name is Juergen, I'm new to the forum.

My car is a 58 Limited 4 door. I proudly own it since 2012 and I renewed pretty much such as transmission or nearly the whole engine, carpet, trunk lining.
Next project is gonna be the outside paint. Currently it is seminole red at the body and any kind of white at the roof and the condition is quite bad.
I like to redo it in Laurel Mist and Polar Mist and I got the original paint chips and color codes.
I talked to many painters yet but it seems like here (Germany) nobody is able to restore the exact coloring.

What ideas do you guys have to get the exact tone, does anybody know a modern color code (RYB or simular)?
Any input is appreciated
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