Proper dash covering for model 46 R

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Proper dash covering for model 46 R

Postby Scott » Wed Sep 25, 2013 4:33 pm

Hello, Thanks for letting me join your forum. I have 58 special that I found about 98% compleat back in 2008 wich currently fills a four car garage. I have the body off and I am doing a full restoration. I have a nagging question about the dash padding. I'm not shure what it is supposed to have. I belive the trim code is 410, and the car does not have A/C. The main part of the dash top that houses the speaker had a poor paint job on it and no padding at all. I did find adhesive on the bottom of the main top section but no covering. The front edge of the dash top has no holes for a front mounted pad. Any assistance would be of great help.
Thank you, Scott
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